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Our WiFi connectivity and wireless networks empowers your people to work effectively – untethered by the network cables that tie you to your desks.

Businesses now have an even greater need for converged LAN/WLAN network installations, with demands for network connectivity to be available anytime and anywhere. The combination of mobile devices, multi-media applications and the demand of data usage are factors that are all happening at the same time, and is directed at your wireless network instead of the wired network.

Businesses can now experience huge benefits from a professional wireless network. Factors such as greater coverage for users to access the local network, mobility for employees in the work place and productivity gains by encouraging collaboration, are just a few reasons why wireless networks help improve business efficiencies.

Whatever your wireless requirements, Comm-Tech can help you to plan, design and build wireless network solutions designed specifically for your business.

Easy Network Expansion

With Wireless LAN capabilities being so flexible, adding new employees to your system has become a quick and easy task. This means that desks can be rearranged and new users can be added to the network without effort and costs required to run cables and wires.

Increased Mobility and Collaboration

When employees use your wireless LAN they will be able to roam outside, around your office, or even different floors, and never lose their connection. Using voice over wireless LAN technology, they will also have the roaming capabilities to benefit their voice communications. Using voice over wireless and VLAN technologies, we can provide a full QoS (Quality of Service) experience to ensure voice clarity and quality over the wireless network.

Improved Responsiveness

Delivering excellent customer service is key to every businesses success. Wireless networks can dramatically improve the response rate for queries and concerns by being accessible by remote devices anywhere within the premises, enabling you to connect to information you need whenever you need it.

Better Access to Information

Installing a wireless LAN into your business will provide your staff with a quick and easy way to access information on the company network. This is especially good for business premises that contains areas that are difficult to cover.


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