Vodafone One Net Business

There are several reasons for moving to a fully integrated, cloud-based communications platform.

Let’s see how Vodafone One Net Business can help transform your organisation to make it more efficient.


One Net Business needs much less maintenance

  • Removal of upfront costs (installing a phone system, connecting devices, etc.)
  • No on-site phone system means maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • No extra cost for additional features and you won’t pay for unused features either. Integrate all your devices on a single platform.
  • One supplier, one contract, one bill.


One Net Business enables
flexible working and productivity

  • You’ll no longer miss calls or messages from your customers, suppliers or colleagues, so you can make the most of your business opportunities.
  • The online Feature Management Portal and mobile app give you full control of how calls are handled.
  • With One Net Collaboration, all of the One Net features and tariff bundles are applied to Skype for Business external calls on your Windows PC, laptop or tablet.

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