Business Communications

The way that businesses communicate has drastically changed over the last five years, keeping pace with changes in technology and how modern businesses operate.

With home working and mobile working now considered ‘the norm’, and increasing demands to extend the methods by which customers can contact you, businesses have had to review their existing telecommunication systems in order to ensure that they are effectively managing their customer relationships.


Why an On-Premise Phone System?

Comm-Tech provides market-leading hosted business phone systems – which are the correct choice for most modern businesses. However, we appreciate that a hosted solution may not suit all circumstances, so we are able to offer our customers a range of options from all the leading phone system manufacturers, including LG, Avaya, Mitel, Panasonic, Cisco, Samsung and 3CX.

The main reason for using an on-site phone system is a lack of good quality internet connectivity – which is a must have for any VoIP services. Where this connectivity is unavailable, businesses need to use PSTN or ISDN phone lines.

Other reasons for using an on-premise phone system may include a legacy investment in hardware that is still working, or an investment that has already been made to integrate a phone system with a CRM package.


ISDN Network Shut Down In 2025

However using an on-site phone system is only a medium term fix – as any new connections will be ceased from 2020, and on-premise phone systems will need to be connected to SIP trunks from that date Read More…


The Comm-Tech Approach to Choosing the Right Phone System

Comm-Tech has a fully consultative approach – our highly experienced Communication Consultants will get to know you, and understand how your business works – helping you find the right solutions that are future-proofed to deal with changes in communications over the next 5 to 10 years.

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