The I.S Group

Russell Taylor - April 2018

The Challenge 


The I.S. Group is the UK’s largest mail order trade only supplier of florist sundries. Offering a huge range of great value for money products, they pride themselves on their industry leading standards of customer care.


The I.S. Group challenged us to review their mobile and fixed line infrastructure to identify ways of increasing business efficiency through communications, ensuring the level of customer care continued to be provided in line with the increase in customer demand.


The Solution 


Independent Communications Review

An informal and free no obligation communications review was arranged which resulted in a site visit to understand the business, its infrastructure and requirements moving forward. A proposal detailing our independent advice, recommended solutions and outlined costs was then drawn up for presentation.

Vodafone One Net Mobile

In order to increase efficiency we proposed to replace their current mobile solution with Vodafone One Net Mobile, allowing them to use hunt groups, auto-attendants and call diverts, as well as the ability to append virtual landlines to their mobiles, all within one solution and one simple monthly bill.

In addition we proposed a range of smartphones for the mobile workers, replacing the collection of mismatched handsets that were currently in use.

Fixed Line Calls & Line Rentals

With a modern telephone system and ISDN network already in place meeting all of the I.S. Groups requirements, it was simply a case of identifying any cost reductions available on line rentals and call rates across our tier 1 carriers, whilst making sure performance and quality were not affected.


The Result

Improved Customer Service & Efficiencies 

Vodafone One Net Mobile has converted the I.S. Group’s mobile solution to a multi-channel service that enables them to be highly responsive and ensures their customers can reach who they need to at the first time of asking through the use of hunt groups, auto-attendant, and call redirection.

Replacing the mobile handsets with smart devices has increased efficiency by allowing staff to easily view and edit office documents, read and respond to emails while away from their desk, and make contact with clients and colleagues quickly.

Implementing a single range of handsets across the business on the same operating system has also made managing the mobile solution a much simpler process.

Mobile Cost Reduction 

By analysing the I.S. Group’s mobile spend per individual we were able to offer a 13% saving on line rental while at the same time offering all the benefits of the Vodafone One Net Mobile solution.

Fixed Line Cost Savings

The fixed line rental and call analysis identified a significant potential cost reduction of 28% against their current solution provided direct through BT.

With assurances this cost reduction would not affect call or reliability levels we migrated the lines immediately – providing immediate value for money to the I.S. Group.

With a dedicated account manager and fixed line team now in place any requirements are handled by Comm-Tech. This allows the I.S. Group to concentrate on more important matters.


“With the help of Comm-Tech we now have a system that directs our increasing number of callers to where they need to be quickly and efficiently, but also modern, unified mobile capabilities. Even better we are now saving money on our monthly fixed line bill!
John Newbury Purchasing Manager