Russell Taylor - April 2018

The Challenge 

HAVI Global Solutions are focused on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering Services in supply chain management, packaging, logistics and recycling & wastes, HAVI now connects to customers in over 100 countries worldwide. 

HAVI Global Solutions have trusted Comm-Tech Voice & Data with the management of their mobile telephony for over seven years, challenging us to continually ensure their mobile solution is not only reliable and resilient, but also to help control call costs with the increasing calls being made to and from international destinations due to business growth. 


The Solution 


Regular Communication Reviews 

With a dedicated Communication Consultant assigned to the account, supported by an award winning customer service and support team, Comm-Tech have constantly reviewed HAVI Global Solutions mobile estate to ensure they are on the most resilient and reliable network available (Vodafone). Regular review meetings are also conducted on site at HAVI Global to identify future plans for the business communications and also review the current performance of the mobile account and any improvements and cost savings available. 

A Fully Managed Mobile Estate 

Comm-Tech’s knowledge and experience of mobile tariff management has delivered maximised savings as mobile tariffs have changed over time and responding to HAVI Global Solutions growth in international markets, which ensures maximum efficiencies on the account, not always relating to core tariff reductions. 

The Result

Line Rental Cost Reduction
Through tariff rationalisation, consolidation and applying shared data across the mobile estate Comm-Tech has identified a 58% monthly saving on service costs for HAVI Global Solutions.

Reducing International Overspend
Comm-Tech have provided HAVI Global Solutions with a way to combat the out of bundle monthly charges they were experiencing, due to continued growth overseas leading to higher volumes of international calls and usage.

Comm-Tech’s Communication Consultants have shown their extensive knowledge to utilise the flexibility of the latest Vodafone tariffs to bundle international and roaming minutes within the monthly rentals which has significantly reduced HAVI Global Solutions total mobile spend by a further 52% per month. HAVI Global Solutions now have a managed mobile solution with a more stable monthly mobile spend to help with financial forecasting and reduce the risk of any unexpected international overspend or ‘bill shock’.



“Comm-Tech understand how we operate, which allows them to offer tailored solutions that best suit the needs of our business. Their excellence and experience is extremely valuable to us at Havi. 
Comm-Tech always strive to find the best cost effective plans and have saved us thousands of pounds in the years that they have managed our environment. 
The great personal touch of our account manager and the high level of customer service that’s on offer at Comm-Tech allows for peace of mind and value for money.
Thanks for all that you do for us Havi. “
Steve Osborne, Senior Technical Specialist