Callaway and Sons Insurance

Russell Taylor - June 2018

The Challenge 

Callaway and Sons were very unhappy with the ISDN landline and broadband package they had with BT and were actively looking to change providers. The fragmented solution they had in place meant that they were dealing with multiple vendors across IT, fixed line and desktop telephone systems, which in turn made fault resolution timely. With over 11 desk phones running off an ISDN network, Comm-Tech explained why the ageing PBX technology would ultimately result in a continued slow response time, large maintenance bills and regular upgrade costs.

The Background

Callaway and Sons Insurance Consultants are an independent professional insurance broker, specialising in all types of business insurance and private insurance for high net worth individuals.


The Solution 

Regular Communication Reviews 

As Callaway and Sons were already an existing customer of Comm-Tech (including 5 cost-effective mobile packages) and it was coming up to their quarterly catch-up meeting, we approached them with a FREE of charge communications review to see how Comm-Tech could streamline their processes and save them money.


“We live and run our business from a rural location in Norfolk. Without Sure Signal, we’d have very limited mobile reception on any network which would make running a business next to impossible. With Sure Signal, we know we’ll have full signal in our home and office meaning our clients can always reach us. The service has always been really reliable; we wouldn’t be without it. The introduction of Microsoft Office 365 to the business has enabled us to be more efficient with our time so we don’t have to turn away the amazing demand we have had from new businesses asking for our services. This is key to the success and future of our business.”