poor connectivity

Broadband is an essential part of any business communication system – fact. Whilst the UK’s average internet speeds have steadily improved over the years, there remain numerous parts of the UK – particularly in rural areas – that are suffering from poor internet connections.

Slow internet speeds will not only impact on your employee productivity, but they can also have a huge detriment on your ability to provide an excellent customer service – resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Most modern businesses cannot function without internet connectivity – a good internet connection will boost productivity and support your business growth. Whilst on the extreme end of the scale – it was recently reported that Amazon would lose £1.6 billion in sales from a one second (yes – only one second) delay in the loading of pages.

How much is your business losing from poor connectivity? We can help.

We have a range of different options available such as:


Bonded & Aggregated Broadband

Comm-Tech Voice & Data can provide UK consumers with SD-WAN solutions that require minimal human intervention to install and operate, yet are incredibly powerful for customising your network. Our solutions will provide you with better speed – even in rural areas – improve reliability and reduce your costs.

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DIA (Leased Lines)

Fiber optic technology is predominantly used to provide leased line circuits, as it is the most capable technology available to reliably reach the best bandwidth and speeds deliverable. One of the greatest features of a leased line, is its ability to provide symmetric upload and download speeds; example being a 100M/bit circuit – you could achieve 100M/bits up and 100 M/bits down., enhancing your business efficiency to the maximum effect.

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