What is the impact to your business as a result of loss of connectivity? With modern businesses now heavily reliant on reliable and powerful connectivity any outage or downtime can become a major and costly issue.

Comm-Tech Voice & Data have a range of solutions to assist you and your business ensuring that you never have to worry about any disruption in service for you or your customers

Your internet connection is one of the most valuable assets your business owns – get exceptional reliability from the ultimate internet connection

Ensuring your VoIP calls are of the highest quality is critical to your business – guarantee the quality of your IP calls with our assured products

Ideal for any small to medium businesses looking to improve their internet speed and capacity – ideal for those in rural areas

Effortlessly link your business sites and extend your LAN capability – EWL can provide the bandwidth and flexibility you need for your fast moving and growing orginisation




Need guaranteed performance from your internet connection? Our leased lines can offer you unbeatable performance to ensure that you always remain connected


Need a high-performance telecommunications network? We can deliver a highly scalable, next-generation solution to offer you a wide variety of advanced features 

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