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Take your business to the next level with a range of non-geographic numbers!

What is a Non-Geographic Number?

Non-geographic numbers are numbers which are not assigned according to a geographic location. They are virtual telephone numbers that can be used no matter where your business is located within the UK.

Non-geographic numbers can be mapped to any existing phone number and can also be routed internationally, so you will never miss another important call. Your customers will see these numbers as local/domestic numbers, no matter where they’re calling from, making it affordable for them to contact your business anytime.

Comm-Tech can offer a variety of non-geographic numbers to suit your business needs. You can select from:

03 numbers – a local-rate number range that isn’t linked to an area code like 01 and 02 numbers. They can be used anywhere in the UK, and customers are only charged a lowered local call rate regardless if they are calling from a landline or mobile phone. Depending on how their minutes are bundled in their calling plans, they can even be free. There are special ranges available for charities and government agencies within the 03 service group.

0845 numbers – These are numbers that can also be used anywhere in the UK. Calls to 0845 numbers are typically not covered by inclusive minute calling plans, so customers are charged by the minute when calling in. Charges for calls to these numbers from a mobile phone range depending on the carrier.

0800 and 0808 numbers –  These are freephone numbers to the caller and therefore the cost is picked up by the number owner for the call. These can e especially useful to promote calls to your business in publications or adverts, as people are more likely to call numbers they know are not going to cost them anything.

What are the Benefits?

  • Establish a nationwide presence without the location overhead.
  • Use a central, national number to establish your growing, professional business image with local customers.
  • Advertise a national number to bring more awareness to your business, and increase sales calls and leads.
  • Enable customers to get in touch with your business at low local call rates or free of charge from anywhere.
  • Assign numbers to specific marketing campaigns or channels to track and analyse the most effective routes to market.
  • Never miss a customer call, no matter where you are.

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