Maximise Your Mobile Coverage

Maximise your mobile coverage with a MultiNet SIM! Our ‘anywhere SIM’ will revolutionise the way you do business with a mobile device. Do you suffer from mobile phone coverage black spots? Do you find you mobile works in some areas and not others? There is a solution…Mobile MultiNet. A simple solution that delivers three major UK mobile operators on one single SIM card using your existing mobile number.

Our multi-network SIM card connects to three of the main UK mobile networks, dependent on where has the best coverage. No longer will you need to carry several phones on you to get best coverage.


So how does it work?

The SIM Card will initially look for its “Home” network. If it finds a signal it will lock on to this network and you are ready to go. However at the point where the signal completely disappears, your mobile device/handset will automatically undertake a network search. This is actually no different to what happens with single network SIM cards however this time your SIM will search and allow you access to either EE, O2 or Three Mobile.

Once your mobile handset selects the best signal available it will lock to that network and away you go, simple!

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