Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)

Converged Private Networks (CPN) is our fully-managed MPLS-based WAN (Wide Area Network) solution that is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve service while reducing costs. CPN delivers the performance, reliability and security that businesses need to make effective use of today’s multi-media services.

By fully integrating our market-leading IP voice products (SIP Trunks and Horizon) with an MPLS core network, your business can benefit from having all your IP voice and data services supplied by a single supplier – with just one point of contact, one bill and one set of SLAs.


Your business network needs to be responsive to the fluctuating demands of your application workloads, and have greater reach in order to meet the cost and performance demands of your business, which is exactly what our MPLS solution delivers.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching or MPLS as it’s also known, is the method of bringing together multiple sites and unifying them into one single communications platform. Protocols are an important part of sending and receiving information across the internet and different protocols exist for different telephony technologies.

As an MPLS provider, Comm-Tech, will work closely with you to design the network to ensure maximum  security and upload/download speeds.

Our enterprise-wide MPLS network supports interconnection between corporate headquarters, branch offices, mobile device users and remote workers throughout the UK.


What are the benefits?

  • Scalable: MPLS technology quite easily supports business needs when it comes to exploring other possibilities, such as growth, expansion or downsizing. Using an MPLS network connection you can easily add, remove and connect new sites and remote workers.
  • High Speeds: The labelling technology ensures high speeds with a high standard of performance standards, whereas the more traditional IP networks are typically slower due to high traffic (meaning there are heavy demands on the QoS).
  • Enhanced Performance: MPLS offers quality of service guaranteed over the network which is key for video and voice services. This means we are able to provide rapid delivery of data and a higher standard of service with guaranteed reliability, speed, and voice quality.
  • Future-proof: Many UK based companies are becoming more willing to spend money on scalable and flexible solutions, such as MPLS. Migrate to an MPLS solution and avoid being left behind, suffering from poor network services.
  • High Security: MPLS offers a high level of security that is often required for companies who need enhanced privacy and security such as the legal banking sectors. All the offices connect to a MPLS network through a private network with no internet facing gateways, which means that the data shared and applications accessed from site to site will never leave your business domain.
  • Easily Managed: As you are managing one network between various locations you are able to gain better control for simple monitoring. Online reporting allows you to see what’s happening on the network and reassign priorities if need be.
  • Unified Network: With MPLS you are consolidating your network into a single enterprise infrastructure, which significantly reduces your network complexity and cost through centralised control.
  • Built-in Disaster recovery: Disaster recovery is improved through better system access. MPLS offers data back up by linking data centres and other sites in numerous ways to the cloud. Unlike other networks, MPLS allows remote sites to easily and virtually reconnect to back up locations should a problem ever occur.

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