Justin Millar – Managing Director

After years honing his sales prowess within the dog eat dog world of the photocopier industry in East Anglia, Justin finally made the decision to join his late father’s business Comm-Tech in 1989.

Initially supporting the growth of the business through B2B mobile sales, and then supporting his father with running the company through to David Millar’s retirement, Justin has undoubtedly been recognised as the driving force and passion behind the massive growth and successful acquisitions the business has seen over the last two decades.

Building on his father’s dreams and goals, Justin has taken the business through multiple acquisitions, and the opening of offices and sister companies around the UK. Today Justin remains the figurehead of the business and indeed the group; some would say a man of many talents from telecoms to mobile recycling and most recently building and property development – there is never a dull moment with this pocket sized ideas cannon.

 Tye Jennis – Sales Director

Whilst the name may suggest otherwise, Tye is Norfolk born and bred, and has worked his entire career in the telecommunications industry. Both technically trained and qualified, he initially served his apprenticeship within the Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen offshore telecoms industries.

Joining our business in early 1996 (yes he doesn’t look old enough) Tye has worked his way from Mobile Salesman through to Sales Director. Tye is passionate and driven, and still thoroughly enjoys a hands on, sleeves up approach to both staff leadership and managing customer relationships.

And lets not forget some of the engineering arm – the models that grace the back of our shiny fleet of vans!

Gerald Highview – Cable Technician

Gerald (Gerry to his mates) joined Comm-Tech over two years ago from his previous career as a tree surgeon. His passion for telecom engineering knows no bounds and he has learnt so much during his time with us and regularly helps the engineering workforce install “Hard to reach” cabling installations. Gerry is a confident colleague according to his team leader albeit he is rather cheeky, and at times has “some neck”.

Camilla Flarge – Engineering Administrator

Camilla… well what can we say about this awesome member of the engineering administration team. She seems to have blended right in to the Comm-Tech family and our ways of working, always keeping an eye on her engineer’s schedules, whilst the other eye is on stock and quality control. Clearly her hobby is her passion for climbing, and we are sure this helps her keep a grip on things within the team.

Douglas Fury – Broadband Specialist

Having joined the business over a year ago, Dougy was initially a trainer for guide dogs in North Norfolk, but now loves testing the speed of our super-fast rural broadband solutions. Dougy loves nothing more than riding around with the engineers in their van (with his head out of the window) going from one client to the next. Once Dougy gets his teeth in to something some would say he is like a dog with a bone.

Aiden Miral – Cloud Solutions Specialist

Aide is one of the newest and youngest members of our workforce and has only recently emerged from the cocoon of college. His eagerness to learn all he can from the more experienced engineers has meant Aide has been able to really spread his wings so to speak, and take on some of the more complex elements of Comm-Tech’s portfolio like MPLS and hosted telephone systems. Aide likes to hang out with his mates at the weekend and SIP a few amber nectar’s.