No Connection = No Protection!

In today’s world of flexible working, your business needs to ensure that you have proven procedures and systems in place to ensure the safety of your lone workers.

Your mobile phone may have all the features in the world, but if you can’t be absolutely sure you’re connected, it’s useless.

Our devices and solutions provide lone workers and their line managers with practical solutions to assist them for a lone working situation.

Comm-Tech offers a range of lone working solutions so you can quickly locate and stay in touch with your solo site workers and employees to ensure they are safe, secure and confident while working alone.

What are the Benefits?

Protecting Your Company Brand: If an incident were to occur with one of your lone workers, your business could be held accountable and face serious legal ramifications, as well as large fines.

Improving Morale: Improving your employee’s well-being and over-all safety also increases morale. Happy and safe employees work harder!

Improving Culture: Creating a positive company culture can be a challenge for any business. Implementing policies and solutions that improve your employees lives and safety means showing your staff how much you value them, leading to reduced staff turnover.

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