hybrid telephone systems

What is a Hybrid Telephone System?

A hybrid telephone system is an on premise phone system which combines all the advantages of a traditional phone system by retaining things like external telephone line connections and any internal telephone devices, whilst combining the convergence of IP technology; offering feature-rich functionality and flexibility to handle all your business communication needs.

Think of it as a ‘stepping stone’ between a traditional phone system and a Voice over IP (VoIP) system. The hybrid phone system is a great option for businesses of all sizes. They’re easy to install and maintain and are very cost effective. They can also be flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal interim system, and enabling a seamless transition to a cloud-based VoIP solution in the future.

Comm-Tech can provide a range of hybrid solutions to meet your current business requirements, as well as providing you with advice and guidance on future-proofing your telephone system in preparation for the full migration to a cloud solution.

What are the Advantages?

  • Smooth and no risk migration to VoIP technology – no need to replace any hardware
  • Reduced calling costs – VoIP dramatically reduces costs compared with a traditional system that routes calls over the PSTN
  • Supports all legacy calling technologies as well as IP based calling, including mobile calls, landline calls, ISDN and VoIP calls
  • No break in service – both the telephone system and the end devices can continue to be used during the whole migration period for an uninterrupted migration
  • Once operational the hybrid system will work like a fully functioning VoIP telephone system

    The Hybrid Telephone System – Moving to the Cloud


    Once your business has moved to VoIP (and with the BT announcement that ISDN is being decommissioned) the next logical step is the migration to a cloud-based system. If the hybrid telephone system works purely as a VoIP system and all end devices communicate via IP, then the local telephone system can be replaced with a cloud system. In this case, all specific functions of the system migrate to the network. Only one internet connection and the VoIP end devices are required at the location. The cloud telephone system is then configured over a graphical user interface using an end device with a browser.

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