flexible working

By utilising your workforce more intelligently and making smarter use of communications and information technology, you can free your business from the confines of the office enabling staff to communicate and exchange information and ideas when and where it suits them – whether they’re at their desk, hot-desking, travelling, on location or working from home.

Flexible working can offer business numerous advantages. As well as opening up new directions and opportunities for your business, now and in the future, flexible working can help you…

  • Increase productivity by introducing work styles that better meet the needs of your employees, offering them a better work-life balance in turn boosting morale and commitment.
  • Attract and retain high calibre staff (flexible working is a top priority for highly educated and skilled professionals).
  • Improve business continuity, minimising downtime as staff remain productive by working remotely or from home.
  • Provide business functions 24/7.
  • Reduce premises, equipment, operational and travel costs.


We have a range of different options available such as:


Vodafone One Net Business

 One Net Business enables flexible working and greatly improves productivity. Wherever your employees choose to work you can ensure that they are securely and seamlessly connected – regardless if they are at home, in the office, or on the move.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Being able to manage your employees/users and their devices remotely are huge business benefits of mobile device management. Additionally, having remote control over mobile devices provides you with the ability to remotely disconnect or disable any unauthorised users or applications.

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Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365, your suite of programs works seamlessly across smartphones, PCs and tablets, so you can communicate however you like, wherever you are. Download and edit files on the go, send emails from any device, check your colleagues’ availability in real-time and then make a phone call, video call or send an instant message.

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