Scalable and Flexible Call Recording Solutions

Call recording can help your business with liability protection, compliance and assist with quality management. It also provides the capability to manually or automatically start and stop recording a phone call.

While these recordings can contain a great deal of useful information you may find that extracting actionable intelligence from the calls can become challenging the more they build up. This is where the integrated software on one of our cloud based solutions can help you.


Improve Customer Service

Call recording in any size of business is essential when it comes to building and maintaining an excellent customer service team. We have software and hardware solutions that will enable your company to record and store any calls made in or out of the office. Not only that, it also provides the capability to start and stop recording a phone call whilst that phone call is taking place, meaning that you can always ensure that you are compliant with any regulatory financial regulations.

Protect Your Business

Capture, compress, encrypt and store each call using specific encryption codes on the cloud-based system. In addition to this feature, you can also restrict playback access for certain users, meaning you can prevent cyber-attacks whilst meeting current data security regulations.


The landscape is changing…

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) currently mandates that only the telephone conversations of individuals directly involved in trading need to be recorded. MiFID II is a piece of legislation which broadens the scope considerably to include anyone involved in the advice chain that may result in a trade.

The legislation applies to both fixed line, mobile conversations and messaging, and all calls must be stored and accessible for a minimum of five years after taking place (seven in some instances).

MiFID II regulation became law in EU countries on 3rd January 2018. Businesses need to be aware of pending regulations including the protection and privacy of data and recording of telephone calls.

We offer call recording solutions to businesses in every sector, large or small, to ensure compliance.

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