Goodbye ISDN, Hello SIP!

After nearly 30 years of continuous service, ISDN channels are beginning to show their age.

BT have projected that by 2025 they will no longer supply traditional landline numbers. As technology continues to advance at superfast speeds changing the way we work and play, some technologies are beginning to become surplus to requirement. And in the not too distant future this could well be the case for the traditional business telephone system.


Why is ISDN being phased out?

During the past decade we have seen huge advances in technology which has re-shaped the way we now communicate, resulting in the reduced need for traditional telephone line. SMS, email, Video messaging (Skype / Whats App / FaceTime), Voice over Wi-Fi calling, and the capabilities of how we now interact through our smartphones & tablets have all influenced this change in behaviour.

One of the main influences on BT’s bold projection is the rapid rise in VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony, with businesses favouring hosted telephone or SIP solutions over a traditional PBX. Industry specialists expect that by 2018 sales of hosted telephony solutions will have overtaken traditional phone systems.

How can Hosted Telephony benefit my business?

Businesses of all sizes are switching to hosted telephony solutions. This simply means that incoming and outgoing call traffic is run via their dedicated broadband connection. This gives the business a solution which is scalable, flexible and frequently more cost efficient than a traditional PBX phone system. Furthermore the end users will still uses a handset that incorporates all the familiar call features and functions of a traditional system, so minimal or no training is required.

The shift towards hosted telephony follows demands from customers for faster responses and the increasing number of employees working away from the office. A hosted telephony solution allows the creation of ‘virtual’ landline numbers that can link to office handsets or mobile phones, enabling calls to be taken anywhere any time, increasing efficiency and customer responsiveness.

With huge advances in VoIP technology, the early issues of security and call quality are now virtually extinct, yet another reason for businesses to seriously consider the hosted world as the future of their telephony solution.

So, just like the VHS progressing to DVD and on to online streaming, the way businesses communicate is also being revolutionised.

Should your business be considering a move to a hosted telephony solution? We think the question should be can you afford not to?

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