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Handsfree Solutions

Many people need to stay connected whilst on the move, but why risk a hefty fine, points on your license or a driving ban?

Comm-Tech has a range of affordable hands-free options for you to choose from, so there is never an excuse to get caught on your mobile phone behind the wheel.

Professional Car Kits

As well as keeping you connected, a top of the range car kit will also give you access to your favourite music by linking your MP3, mobile phone or even a data stick to your vehicle audio system.

The universal Parrot range of car kits will generally work with all Bluetooth compatible mobile phones. If you travel long distances in your vehicle, a solution which charges your phone at the same time, such as a Nokia or Bury hands-free kit, may be more suitable for your needs.


Car Kit Installation
We offer an installation service by qualified engineers for our fixed car kit solutions. Installations can be carried out at a location to suit you, and take approximately one hour. Ask our team about our installation service when ordering your car kit.

Bluetooth Solutions


Bluetooth kits are an inexpensive and flexible hands-free solution for your mobile phone.
These devices are small and portable, perfect if you tend to switch between different vehicles and want to avoid the expense of multiple professionally fitted kits.


Hands-free car visor kits
These kits simply clip on to the sun visor in your vehicle, and automatically connect to your phone when it is switched on.
Prices start from £19.99 for a visor kit.

Nokia BH109 headset

Hands-free headsets
Bluetooth hands-free headsets are small pieces of kit which clip around the top and back of your ear. This means that you are able to continue your call hands-free even when you step out of your vehicle.
Prices start from just £9.99 for a headset.

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