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In the current economic climate it has never been more important to review company spending. Have you considered how much your business could save on fuel expenditure?

What is Eco-N?

Eco-N is an in-vehicle, discreetly installed state of the art fleet management telematics unit, which connects to the vehicle management system to measure a complete range of driver behaviours, such as engine revs and braking.

A technically advanced in-cab LED display provides real-time feedback to the driver via colour-coded LEDs, and to the fleet manager via an online server. This instantly highlights inefficient driving behaviours and aims to immediately reduce the occurrence of these. Over time, drivers adopt more positive driving behaviours to maintain a high driver grade, reducing your emissions and, importantly, your company fuel expenditure.

  • Reduce fuel costs through better and safer driving performance
  • Typical savings of 10-20% of overall fleet fuel costs
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increase efficiency and profits
  • Contribute to a healthier environment
  • Create positive change in the workplace

  • Discreet install by our skilled engineers at your premises
  • Training for drivers and administrators available
  • Install includes benefits of live vehicle tracking and reporting as standard
  • View driving information via an intuitive on-screen graphical web interface
  • Customisable interface displaying information relevant to your company
  • Reports automatically show business and private mileage, reducing administration time
  • Stylish & unobtrusive dashboard unit
  • Driver tag identification – allows measurement for different drivers of the same vehicle
  • Immediate driver/fleet manager feedback via LEDs, SMS and web interface

Fleet Fuel Saving Calculator

Promote safer driving, reduce emissions and save on your company fuel bills – see how much you could save with our interactive ecoN fuel saving calculator!

Simply enter your fleet size, current and target MPG, mileage and cost of fuel to see your potential monthly and annual savings!

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