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Crystal Ball Mobile Monitor

Mobile Monitor is a specialized application which enables businesses to identify any misuse across company mobiles. You can run real time reports on all call and text information that travels through an employee’s business handset, providing more information than on standard itemised bills. The application also has the ability to immediately alert the administrator if the mobile is being used whilst driving.

The call log report identifies all dialled, received, and missed calls, complete with time and date stamp. Text log reports provide information on the actual content being sent and received in text messages. The alarm feature can also be used to alert employers when an employee is making or receiving calls from specific numbers.

  • Shows all dialled, received and missed calls with time and date stamp
  • Shows full content of sent and received text messages with time and date stamp
  • Data kept on system and can be downloaded for up to 3 months
  • Real time access to all call and text traffic
  • Compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows mobile devices

  • Addresses employer duty of care by discouraging mobile use whilst driving
  • Increases productivity by managing calls
  • Controls personal call and text traffic
  • Decreases handset misuse – resulting in cost savings
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