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Top tips for a better signal on your mobile


Regardless of advances in mobile handsets, obtaining a strong signal can, in certain situations and locations, still be difficult. Fortunately there are several techniques and products which can be implemented to maximise your signal strength.

Tips & tricks

Signal Boosters


If you live in a remote countryside area, then there’s a chance you’ll suffer from a poor mobile phone signal. Signal boosters give you great mobile coverage for your home or office even if you work or live in a signal blackspot. Using your broadband, a signal booster creates a 3G signal throughout your home or office and can accomodate up to 8 3G devices. Signal boosters take up minimal space as they either plug into a wall socket or are no bigger than a standard broadband router.

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Dual SIM Handsets


Utilising a Dual SIM card device allows you to connect to different networks at the same time. This will increase the chance of you being able to pick up signal.

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New Handsets


Some handsets are better for receiving signal than others and technological advances mean you could be missing out on the best possible signal. Therefore it will be worth speaking with the AF comms team to get their advice on the best handset for you.

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Upgrade & New SIM Cards


As mobiles have changed, so have SIM cards. Therefore, if you have a newer model of phone but have not changed your SIM card for approx 4 years, you could be missing out on extra features and services. Your SIM card could even be worn, damaged or bent without you knowing it. This could also have an effect on your mobile coverage.

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Signal Boosting Cases


Accessory companies are now making mobile phone cases incorporating components and techniques in the manufacturing process of their products to help improve signal strength by pairing antennas within the case to the antenna of your mobile.

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Windshield and Dashboard Cradles for Smartphones


Windshield and dashboard cradles enable you to use your mobile phone hands free or as a satellite navigation system safely while driving. By keeping your phone upright in the mount, it also gives you the best opportunity to maintain signal on your mobile while you are travelling. There are also cradles that charge your mobile while travelling and boost your signal.

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Fitted Car Solutions


Fully fitted handsfree solutions not only provide better call quality as they are wired into your cars audio system but can also provide improved signal by being connected to an external antenna.
With the use of an external antenna, fully fitted cab phones not only provide the best signal while on the move but the majority can also be activated within a hands free environment to ensure safety while driving.

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