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Complete Business Connectivity

Technology Day 2013 Review

The Complete Business Connectivity Event

On the 28th November we held our second technology day entitled ‘The Complete Business Connectivity Event’.

With headline sponsor Nokia exhibiting along with Microsoft, Vodafone, SOTI, Tracker, Novus, Samsung and BlackBerry, it was the opportunity to showcase our complete portfolio of communication and connectivity solutions.

The one hundred plus businesses who registered for the event were able to get hands on and be educated on how they could improve their communications and connectivity infrastructure.


Not only were suppliers exhibiting, they also had a chance to host a 30 minute seminar to demonstrate to attendees in more detail how they could streamline their business processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The Seminars were designed to cover an aspect of every area of our extensive product portfolio and were hosted by:

Nokia Mobile Seminar-'How Smart Is Your Business?'
Nokia’s presentation focused on how the latest in Nokia mobile technology can revolutionise the way your business works, both in and out of the office, demonstrating the latest innovative devices and how these new solutions can be effectively implemented into your business.

SOTI Device Management Seminar–Can You Afford To Ignore ‘Bring Your Own Device’?
With Mobile Devices now having more capability than ever, more and more companies are implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. SOTI MobiControl demonstrated how Mobile Device Management can help you ensure that your business runs most efficiently without compromising company security.

Vodafone Fixed Seminar–Is Your Fixed Line Service Holding Your Business Back?
Many know Vodafone for their Mobile network presence. But how many of you knew they now have a strong Fixed Line presence?
At Technology Day 2013, Vodafone took the chance to highlight their Fixed Line proposition, the potential savings the solution could provide and how a converged solution with Vodafone One Net could make your business more efficient and customer friendly.

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Seminar–Can Your Business Work Anytime, Anywhere?
In today’s dynamic business world, it is crucial that you can quickly make the decisions that matter, in order to meet the needs of your customers. Microsoft demonstrated how hosted solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 can give your business the flexibility it needs to work anytime, anywhere.

Vehicle Management Seminar–How Are You Protecting Your Fleet?
With recent ‘crash for cash’ incidents and other scams becoming more and more prevalent, it has never been more important to ensure your fleet is protected at all times. With such a versatile range of solutions available Comm-Tech presented how the latest in Vehicle Management technology could reduce your insurance premiums and protect against fraudulent/criminal activity.

Did you miss out on Technology Day 2013?

If you missed the opportunity to attend Technology Day 2013 and would like more information or a conversation around how to ensure you have the best communications and connectivity infrastructure, simply contact us using the enquiry form opposite.

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