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Tablet Trade-in Cashback Scheme

Money for your old tablet

£30-£50 Buy Back when you upgrade your old tablet to a Linx. (maximum 3 handset per customer, 10 handsets per business). Offer ends 31/03/2015

How the tablet trade-in cashback works


1. Purchase
Customer buys a Tablet smartphone offer.


2. Customer Requests Tablet Trade-in
If a customer wishes to trade-in their existing tablet they simply complete the trade-in form at www.comm-tech.co.uk/tablettradein within 10 days of the purchase date.


3. Customer Sends in Tablet
The customer will be acknowledged by the Comm-Tech support team that the trade-in request has been received and will receive details by email on:

  • How to package and send in the tablet(s) they wish to trade in within 21 days
  • Delivery address and details
  • How best to package your tablet
  • Advice on which courier service to use


4. Customer Gets Paid
Payment will be made to your equipment fund account within 30-40 days providing your tablet meets the qualifying product criteria (see below).

Qualifying Products
For your existing tablet to qualify for the Trade-up Reward it must be complete and undamaged (reasonable wear and tear excepted). For the avoidance of doubt each of the following is considered beyond reasonable wear and tear; cracked/split/damaged or open chassis structure, cracked or non-working display, does not power on.