Windows 10 is here – what does it mean for your business?

After a mixed, even negative response to its Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has returned with Windows 10. Featuring a brand new web browser, a voice activated assistant, as well as the welcome return of the classic ‘Start’ menu, Windows 10 has a lot to offer users. But what does this FREE* upgrade mean for your business?

Return of the ‘Start’ button

The classic ‘Start’ button makes a welcome return with Windows 10, the removal of which led to much confusion and frustration amongst users in Windows 8. Furthermore it has been enhanced with a ‘live tiles’ (these will be familiar to Windows Phone users) to keep you up to date with the things most important for your working day.

This combination of old familiarity and new functionality should create a much more efficient working environment for your employees, removing unnecessary obstacles so they can get on with their daily tasks.

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer, say hello to Edge

Seemingly acknowledging users discontent with Internet Explorer, Microsoft has created Edge – a completely new browser focussing on simplicity and speed. It comes with several useful built-in functions such as the ability to take a screenshot, annotate it with text and drawings, and email it. Should you wish to make changes to your company website this could be an easy way to communicate your needs to your web developers and designers. Users will also be able to select Reading Mode which gets rid of adverts and other distractions so you can read that new report in peace.

A consistent experience across devices

Windows 10 has been developed to work across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. This means a single, familiar user experience for your employees – not wasting time trying to find equivalent menus on different systems. From a mobile perspective we are intrigued to see how this experience rolls between widows mobile and tablet devices to laptops and desktops.


Data security is an obvious concern for any business and Windows 10 comes with several features to protect your devices from unauthorized usage and malicious attacks. Windows Hello aims to remove the need for passwords, allowing your employees to log in using fingerprint or facial recognition. SmartScreen ensures that you are protected whilst browsing with Edge by performing checks on the sites you visit and blocking ones which pose a threat. Finally Windows Defender provides a strong defence against advanced malware and is constantly updated to meet changing threats.

*For valid Windows 7 or Windows 8 licences for the first 12 months of release. New licenses subsequent to this initial period will cost £99. Please note Windows 7 and Windows 8 Enterprise and above will not be eligible for free upgrades.

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