Vodafone 4G now in Norwich

Since Launching their 4G network in August 2013, Vodafone has now extended 4G Coverage to 351 larger cities, towns and districts as well as thousands of smaller communities across the UK. This now appears to include Norwich.

The past few days has seen Norwich and the surrounding area begin to appear on the Vodafone 4G Coverage Map (screenshot taken 1st December 2014).

Vodafone 4G Network comes to Norwich

And with our office situated in the centre of Norwich, employees are beginning to experience 4G on the commute to and from work as well as around parts of the city when on customer visits.

The rollout of 4G services is part of the £1 billion Vodafone is spending across its network and services this year after being the biggest spenders in the Ofcom 4G mobile spectrum auction in February 2013, acquiring both 800MHz and 2.6GHhz frequency bands.

The lower 800MHz band is the most adept at travelling over longer distances, which means users can get 4G signal even when they are long way from the mast. This becomes particularly useful in rural areas where masts are likely to be quite spread out.

vodafone_logo_smallIs your business geared up to make the most of Vodafone’s superfast 4G network?

Businesses are being pleasantly surprised that the Vodafone 4G tariffs work out better value than many of the 3G tariffs they are currently on. Plus the 4G tariff provides a higher allowance of data.

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