Vodafone Secure Device Manager

What is VSDM?

Ever increasing numbers of customers are taking full advantage of smartphones and tablets to access their company email and information. The challenge is to keep the data on these devices secure. To help, Vodafone have created  Secure Device Manager, a powerful yet simple and flexible solution that supports Apple® iOS, Android™, Windows®, Symbian® and BlackBerry® devices.

Secure device manager has three main features, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management and Management Console. Mobile device manager allows you to configure and update device settings over-the-air, you can send commands to request info, perform remote diagnostics in real-time, remotely lock & wipe corporate data, as well as, enforce security policies and compliance, and provide secure access to company resources.

The Mobile Application Management gives you control of applications across your organisation, enabling you to distribute, monitor, update and secure enterprise applications simply and efficiently.

The management console gives you access via any web browser, provides complete visibility of all mobile devices deployed, streamlines and automates management of mobile assets, as well as easy to update policies, settings, certificates and applications.

Smartphones and tablets are the cornerstone in helping businesses realise better ways of working and those with 25–250 employees who use a combination of smartphones and tablets will benefit from VSDM.

•    1 in 5 people have had their handset lost or stolen and smartphone users are 15x more likely to lose their device than laptop users
•    Company data is now accessed from a range of tablets & smartphones using a variety of operating systems which need to be managed without increasing the IT support burden
•    IT managers need a management solution that is not time-consuming to deploy, costly or complex to manage
•    VSDM is a solution that protects company information, enables secure access to network assets & streamlines the deployment of applications
•    End users increasingly want to bring their own devices to work and access enterprise email & apps, but how do you accommodate this without compromising security?
•    VSDM is an easy to use & implement solution to manage all smartphone and tablets from a single management console
•    VSDM reduces risk and ensures compliance – allowing users to make the most of their device
•    Customers can deploy and manage applications and documents simply, efficiently and securely
•    VSDM is available as a Cloud-based or On-Premise solution to meet the needs of your customer
•    VSDM has simple, cost effective pricing

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