Rural Open Sure Signal trial brings 3G signal to Blakeney

The village of Blakeney was one of 12 locations around the UK to have recently benefited from the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal trial, bringing 3G mobile signal to so-called ‘not-spots’ (areas where a signal is difficult or impossible to acquire).

The Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal programme (#ROSS100) has been designed to be trialled in locations that sit in geographical basins, have very small populations or where (due to planning restrictions or legal considerations) network providers cannot put radio antennas to generate mobile signal.

After successfully applying for the Vodafone-run initiative, 4 businesses in the commercial centre of Blakeney volunteered to have antenna units (called Open Femto – pictured) installed on their premises. The units emit a signal which covers a radius of 500ft, with the combined strength of all four units large enough to cover the majority of the village center.


As a result Blakeney now boasts a continuous 3G mobile signal. Residents have benefitted whilst local businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels have added another valuable service to their customers.

As a picturesque seaside location the 3G signal not only benefits Blakeney’s tourism industry, but even more importantly, following the removal of flood warning sirens, provides a potential lifeline to emergency services and residents in the event of a tidal surge.

A full detailed review of Blakeney’s successful trial can be found by visiting the following links.

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