Smartphone Charging Pack: Swiss Mobility Power Pack 2200


In our daily work and personal lives we have become more reliant on our smartphones for email, texting, social media, gaming, watching videos, listening to music and web browsing. This means that the inevitable dreaded flat battery scenario will occur when you need to make that important call or message.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, going camping or simply out of the house all day, a smartphone charging pack is an ideal companion to ensure your mobile has enough juice to make that important call when required.

From a pocket sized power pack for that quick emergency charge through to a larger power pack that can charge two mobiles at once and give an additional 40+ hours of talk time, Swiss Mobility have a charging solution to cater for most situations.

The Test

We tested the small pocket sized ‘Swiss Mobility Power Pack 2200’ across iPhone, Samsung, Nokia & HTC handsets.

Out of the packet the ‘Power Pack 2200’ comes pre-charged and includes a micro USB power cord which can be used for recharging the device through a laptop, desktop or via a USB plug adapter.

Barely bigger than a lighter (dimensions 2.9” x 1.4” x 0.9”) the 2200 MAH lithium ion battery pack claims to have a lifecycle of 500 charges of which every charge will provide a full charge of an average smartphone.

The power pack also has additional features of a battery life indicator, lanyard slot and if you hold the power button down you can activate the security LED safety light.

How it works

Step 1
From empty, attach the micro USB to the charging pack and the standard USB into a laptop, desktop, or USB plug adapter. The battery life indicator will initially flash red, then flash green as it gains charge and will stay green once fully charged.

Step 2
To charge your smartphone simply use either the Micro USB lead supplied or the USB lead provided with your smartphone (device dependant) to connect to the power pack.

Step 3
Pressing the battery indicator button will turn the power pack on and start charging your smartphone. The battery bar on your smartphone screen should now be charging. When the power pack is getting low the power button will turn from green to red to identify the need for the pack to be re-charged.



Charging – Not using
By not using your device while charging with the ‘Swiss Mobility Power Pack’ we found that it can charge smartphones battery from 5% back to 85-100% (device dependant).

Charging – Occasional use
Occasionally using your smartphone (quick web search or social browsing, text, short call) while charging with the power pack resulted in the battery pack charging the smartphones back to 50% and 65%.

Charging – Frequent use
Frequently using your phone (long calls, constant web browsing, watching media) resulted in the power pack struggling to make any indent on boosting battery life and the most charge we got into a smartphone was 30% before the pack was low on power.

Our thoughts

The ‘Swiss Mobility Power Pack 2200′ is a small pocket sized charging pack that is easy to use, and does give your smartphone battery that boost of energy that will keep you going throughout the day. To make the most of this power pack we recommend

  • Charging while you are not using your smartphone
  • Disconnect the power pack if you take a call while charging then re-connect after. This seems to maintain the power in the pack for longer
  • Use the power pack while your smartphone has some battery life as the power pack will use more power trying to charge a completely flat smartphone battery
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