Your most reliable witness is not a person

You and your workforce may well be responsible and experienced drivers, but what about others on the road?

Being involved in a road traffic accident is not only a stressful experience but it can also lead to increased insurance premiums, loss of no claims bonuses and financial loss, should your vehicle be written off without being able to identify which party was liable.

Fortunately with technological advances, you now have access to a formidable witness, and it isn’t even a person! Witness Cameras or ‘dash cams’ are fast becoming more evident with in individual and business vehicles as they provide valuable footage in the event of a crash to identify who was liable for the incident. It is reported that the industry has seen a 900% increase in sales for witness cameras or ‘dash cams’ since 2013.

The big driver behind this has been the increase in “crash for cash” scams were organised gangs are disabling their own brake lights or flashing drivers to let them out of junctions before crashing into them through staged accidents and false witnesses.

Aviva have recently reported that they have seen an increase in these fraudulent claims by 21% with 50% of its fraudulent motor industry claims now being made organised gangs.

These scams are adding up to £100 on the annual premiums of honest drivers because they have been unable to prove these incidents are fraudulent due to lack of supporting evidence.

Why a Novus Witness camera?

Installing a Novus witness camera in your business or personal vehicle not only allows you to capture crucial footage and therefore proof of who is liable during an accident, but these advanced cameras also provide:

  • data to show analysis of driver behaviour and events during an incident (harsh acceleration or braking, direction of impact)
  • GPS mapping to record vehicle location at any given time
  • the ability to monitor driver behaviour
  • data to help reduce incidents, vehicle wear & tear and fleet running costs

Witness Cameras are also becoming recognised within the insurance industry with many insurers now providing discounts of up to 15% should you have an approved witness camera fitted.

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