Positive Steps Improving Rural Mobile Phone Coverage

The past couple of months has seen some very positive activity around improving mobile phone coverage, especially in ‘partial not-spots’ or areas which suffer from no mobile signal at all.

£5bn investment into the UK’s mobile infrastructure

The Government has secured a binding agreement with the mobile networks Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three to invest in the UK’s mobile infrastructure in order to tackle poor signal issues in so-called ‘partial not-spots’. The agreement includes:

  • a guaranteed £5bn investment programme to improve mobile infrastructure by 2017
  • guaranteed voice and text coverage from each operator across 90 per cent of the UK geographic area by 2017, halving the areas currently disadvantaged by patchy coverage
  • an increase in coverage from 69% to 85% of geographic areas by 2017 from all four mobile operators
  • reliable signal strength for 2G 3G and 4G voice calls (currently many consumers frequently lose signal or cannot get signal long enough to make a call)
  • Oversight by Ofcom – independent regulator for the UK communications industry

11 rural Norfolk locations to benefit from Vodafone Open Sure Signal scheme

11 of the next 59 communities to take part in the UK nationwide Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal campaign (ROSS100) are located in rural Norfolk as Vodafone looks to help bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities.

The communities of Croxton, Horning, Loddon, Salhouse, Saxthorpe, Reepham, Martham, Hillington, High Kelling and Sheringham have all been successful in their application. The Rural Open Sure Signal campaign uses the latest technology to provide Vodafone 3G signal in areas where traditional mobile coverage has historically been absent.

This follows on from Blakeney‘s successful trial in 2014. The small coastal village was one of the first 12 communities in the UK to benefit from the campaign which brough 3G mobile signal to the area.

Vodafone Sure Signal for your home or business

Vodafone Open Sure Signal features a more powerful version of the technology found in the standard Vodafone Sure Signal (designed for homes and small offices). If you are experiencing poor signal in your home or office then Vodafone Sure Signal could help you.

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