Nokia release their first Android based handsets

Nokia unveiled their first family of Android phones at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona today.

The new family, named the X, X+ and XL will start at around £74 for a SIM Free handset. Historically, Nokia’s suite of smartphones has used the Windows operating system.

The entry-level X model will feature a 4in (10.2cm) screen with 512MB Ram and a three-megapixel camera. The X+ will have 768MB Ram and a 4GB MicroSD card.

700-nokia_xl_front_white_fastlaneThe top-end XL will have a 5in screen, a front-facing two-megapixel camera and a rear five-megapixel camera.

The X will go on sale immediately in several territories including Europe and Asia Pacific. The X+ and XL will launch in April.

Users who buy one of the X models will be able to use Microsoft’s free cloud-storage system, OneDrive. The software giant’s email software, Outlook, will also ship as standard on all models.

The messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will be pre-installed on the phones as will social network Twitter, video app Vine and the game Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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source BBC Technology news

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