The latest from Vodafone’s mission to fill in the UK’s not-spots with signal – #ROSS100 campaign

After Blakeney’s successful trial in 2014, it was announced in February that 11 of the final 100 communities to take part in the UK nationwide Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal (#ROSS100) Campaign were located in rural Norfolk.

The communities of Croxton, Horning, Loddon, Salhouse, Saxthorpe, Reepham, Martham, Hillington, Blakeney, High Kelling and Sheringham were all successful in their application for the #ROSS100 campaign which uses the latest technology to provide Vodafone 3G signal in areas where traditional mobile coverage has historically been absent.

Today Vodafone have released a blog post with an update on the progress of #ROSS100 from their network specialist Dr Rob Matthews who opens up to some of the challenges they have faced trying to bring mobile signal to notorious not spots.

Vodafone have spent the past 6-12 months reviewing the infrastructure of the communities accepted for the #ROSS100 campaign and quickly noticed that 30% of the locations did not have fast enough BT broadband to power the ROSS technology. There where also third party providers helping bridge the gap which Vodafone had to get the #ROSS100 technology to communicate with.

With these stumbling blocks resolved it’s now all systems go the #ROSS100 campaign can really now push on. Evidence of this is that 5 communities within the UK campaign (Minchinhampton, Broad Chalke, Chillaton, Lifton and Loggerheads have recently gone live.

Dr Rob Matthew states

“We’ve got a very ambitious target for rolling out sites at a rate of one or two a week until March 2016. We’re going to have to ramp things up a bit from here, but we’ve already done a lot of the ground work of surveying villages, finding out where the best locations are, making sure the speeds are quick enough and undertaking designs. We’ve also done some testing with fibre to make sure the superfast speeds work with the ROSS units, and now we’re moving into the implementation phase.

“We’ve made a very firm commitment that we want to bring 98% population coverage to communities, local business and the general population. The real challenge, though, is how to we manage the last two percent – how do we keep driving our network to meet those customers? Things like ROSS will help us deliver that – it’ll help us move towards ubiquitous coverage so that people can move around the country as they like while their mobiles remain constantly connected.”

For a the full article from the Vodafone Blog including an update on the MIP (Mobile Infrastructure Project) Click Here

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