iPhone 5s – What it means for business

Apple have revealed their two latest smartphones, the flagship ‘iPhone 5s’ and colourful, budget ‘iPhone 5c’.

Here at Comm-Tech we have tried to outline some of the benefits of the Apple iPhone 5s from a business user perspective.

iPhone 5S

Externally the iPhone 5S looks very similar to the iPhone 5 but is now available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey. It still boasts memory sizes of 16,32,64GB options to enable a shed load of data, apps and media to be stored on one device, and is claimed to have an improved battery life.

However it is what happening inside the new iPhone 5s that makes it superior to the original iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5s features Apple’s new faster A 64-bit A7 chipset, complete with the new M7 motion processor, making it the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. This enables the user to glide through the new iOS 7 operating system with ease, as Apple say it is now twice as fast as the iPhone 5 A6 chip.

Unlike the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s will be compatible across all 4G networks by making a key change to the antennas used for connecting to mobile networks. This will be a big positive giving businesses the opportunity to shop around for the best deals should they wish to use an iPhone 5s.

IT could be claimed security has been improved with the iPhone 5s with the introduction of Touch ID within the home button on the phone. No longer will you have to input your security code every time you open your iPhone but simply access your iPhone via a fingerprint identity. You will be surprised the number of people who don’t even have passwords to lock their phones which leaves access to personal or business data at high risk.

Not only has the iPhone 5s got some exciting new features listed above along with an improved camera, it also runs with the new iOS 7 operating system which improves efficiency and navigation so you can access what’s important to you.  It also allows the ability to download iWorks completely free when previously you would have had to pay enabling you to create, view and edit spreadsheets, documents and presentations.

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