iOS 6: everything you need to know so far

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iOS 6, the latest generation of Apple’s mobile software for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, has finally been unveiled and due out in the Autumn. The new software boasts a range of new features to make things you do every day better according to the latest information released by Apple at the WWDC 2012.

Passbook is Apple’s new e-tickets app, enabling you to carry electronic tickets for anything from sports events to plane travel, or to have a digital loyalty card. The tickets update too, so for example your airline ticket would send you a notification once your departure gate was announced or changed.

The revised phone app offers smart reminders, so for example you can reject a call with a message saying you are busy or on your way. You can also be reminded to call someone back when you leave your current location. The new Do Not Disturb mode is particularly nifty: when new messages arrive, they do so silently and without the screen lighting up. If you wish, you can also tell your iPhone not to silence calls from a list of favourite callers, or to automatically silent repeat calls from the same person.

Siri is able to understand a wider range of questions than before – the demo showed it understanding questions about sports scores, statistics and trivia, booking restaurants and finding out what is worth seeing at the cinema – but yet it’s unclear which, if any, of these features will make it to the UK. Local search is being rolled out worldwide, however, and there is support for more languages.

Apple promises “the best Facebook integration ever in a mobile device”, and seems the same as iOS 5’s Twitter integration: you can post photos, locations, URLs. The API is public, so non-Apple apps can share to Facebook too, and you’ll be able to see your Facebook friends’ App Store recommendations.

These are just some of the new features Apple has announced will be part of iOS 6, keep an eye on our website for more updates later in the year.