Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Announced

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Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 Mini, which is a smaller and cheaper version of its flagship smartphone. The new device will have a 4.3 inch screen, making it slightly bigger than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3 Mini.

Whilst it has been confirmed that the company will show off the smartphone next month, Samsung have not yet revealed when the new device will go on sale.

The popular 5 inch Galaxy S4 handset launched in April, apparently selling more than 10 million units already. The mini version will need to convince consumers that it is not simply an underpowered phone sold with the help of Samsung’s “premium” Galaxy brand.

The S4 Mini has an eight-megapixel rear camera, compared with the S4’s 13 megapixels. The 1.7GHz dual core processor found on the S4 Mini is also less powerful than the quad-core chip found in the larger model.

However, such hardware downgrades are understandable, said Nick Dillion, mobile analyst for Ovum. “The point of it is to offer some of the bits of flagship device to a user who isn’t quite as demanding and doesn’t want the latest features and spec.”

He predicted that while costs will be reduced on the new device with slight downgrades of the processor and screen, the experience of using the S4 Mini as opposed to the Galaxy S4 will be similar.

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Samsung have said that many of the software functions shown off at the S4’s glitzy launch earlier this year would also be available on the cheaper model.

At Samsung’s event on 20 June, insiders and analysts have predicted even more products on the Galaxy brand. These could potentially include a model with optical camera zoom functionality, as well as a waterproof phone, following the likes of Sony into the tough phone market.

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