From village life to city life, exciting times for Comm-Tech!

We’ve got some exciting news we would like to share with you. After 25 years of village life Comm-Tech Voice & Data are moving to the city centre of Norwich in mid-October.

Comm-Tech is part of the Conrad Global group consisting of three companies which also includes RPC Recycle Ltd and Juice Telecoms Ltd. By moving to a large three storey building in the heart of Norwich we will be able to bring all the companies under one roof. We are a family grown company and have been based in Martham since 1986; the new move will bring big exciting changes for us.

The new head office will house our 70 members of staff and will streamline the companies’ internal processes allowing focus to remain on our objectives of providing excellent customer service, building long-standing relationships and developing products and services. We will still have a heavy focus on remaining a local company offering face to face service, providing dedicated account management and that personal touch.

There will also be a state of the art customer experience centre within our new offices that will provide existing and potential customers the opportunity to come in a get hands on with the latest communication products

Our Managing Director Justin Millar says “These are tremendously exciting times for Comm-Tech, over the last 25 years we have established ourselves within an ever changing market. This move symbolises our strength as a company and we are confident the new move will open up even more opportunities for us.  I had always envisaged Comm-tech in the City Centre and it’s incredibly rewarding to finally see it happening”

As well as the new move we have decided to give the Comm-Tech brand a refresh! So keep your eyes peeled for the new look and logo on our website and our stationary!

You can follow our move at our dedicated website, where we will keep you updated every step of the way and will always be on hand to answer your calls. You can still contact us on the normal 01493 748274 number, so no need to remember a new one.