Flexible working: achievable and beneficial to business

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Advances in communications technology have made it possible to relax the tie between work and the workplace. Nowadays, 59% of UK companies allow employees to work from home, giving greater flexibility and, in many cases, enhanced productivity, due to a reduction in office distractions and less time spent on travel.

Arguably a more significant issue than the ability to work from home is that employees now often have the need to work on the move. Many working hours can be spent on trains or in taxis travelling between business sites. There is also often the need to be able to access important data, or view and edit documents whilst out of the office, possible with innovative software such as Microsoft Office 365.

Flexible working is becoming more important than ever – many businesses work across a range of sites, and often across different mobile and land line numbers. Having effective unified communications solutions in place makes it easier to manage and route calls more effectively. This results in increased efficiency, and happier customers; they are able to contact the person they need to, first time.

Implementing mobile device management software or tracking solutions can also be beneficial, allowing you greater control over your staff, to monitor productivity, access files and limit financial damage from lost or stolen mobiles.

If you think flexible working could benefit your business, Comm-Tech can help you implement communication solutions to help you achieve this. Call us on 01603 218600 to find out more, or send us a query below and our team will be happy to provide you with further information.

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