Demonstrating the possibilities of Converged Communications

Vodafone One Net is a cloud based service integrating fixed lines, mobile smartphones, desktop and tablet connectivity which improves business efficiencies and customer service levels. How this works in practice is not always easy to explain over the phone, in an email or even on a site visit.

Comm-Tech has acquired a demonstration unit so now customers can easily experience firsthand the benefits of Vodafone One Net Service in the comforts of their own business.

The demonstration unit has the ability to show how the following features of how Vodafone One Net can benefit a business.

Mobile and Landline Integration
To ensure you customers, colleagues and suppliers can contact you at the first attempt One Net brings your mobile and landline number together to ensure you can answer your call wherever you are. Users can control whether to display their fixed or mobile number to people they call, or adjusted on a per call basis. By default all users will display the Fixed Line number.

Auto Attendant
The auto Attendant features provides businesses with an automated secretary style of service, where all inbound calls are automatically answered by a pre-recorded message giving the customer options to who they wish to speak to, or simply the ability to leave a voice mail.

Hunt Groups
This is a group of users who can all be reached on a single contact number, directly dialled, for example a sales or support team. By default all Hunt Groups will be configured to ring all users at the same time, called ‘Simultaneous Mode’, but once the system is installed administrators can select sequential, circular or most idle ringing patterns whichever suits best. This ensures customers can always make contact with your business at the first attempt. Up to 20 users can be in a Hunt Group.

Short Dial Numbers
Using short dial numbers helps transfer calls quickly.

Single Voicemail
All calls to either your mobile number or your geographic fixed line number will be stored in a single common voicemail box – so you never miss a call and allowing for easy retrieval.

Local Fixed Line
Companies can decide to obtain multiple fixed line numbers to allow them to select appropriate numbers and area codes relevant to their business. Each user will have a single mobile device, which will have both a mobile and a fixed line phone number, allowing users to decide which number to publish to customers and advertise, whilst never missing a call.

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