Comm-Tech launches new website

Welcome to the brand new Comm-Tech website!  We have built it with our customers in mind, adding more information on business mobile tariffs available, fixed line services, vehicle tracking and fleet management products, and a selection of the latest phones available.

Customers can also opt for a free communications review to show where savings can be made on their mobile phone and landline bills, and choose to upload bills via the contact page.

Look out for any special offers we have on, such as discounts on hands-free car kits or promotions on Vodafone One Net.

Tye Jennis said, “It is hoped that our new website will provide a good ‘shopping window’ for our customers, and also provide them with useful information to support their business.  As always, we do everything with our customers’ best interests in mind, so are open to suggestions for anything we can change to make it easier to use.”