BlackBerry® Z10 – The Review

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The much-anticipated BlackBerry® Z10 has been BlackBerry’s fastest selling handset ever in the UK. Now we’ve had time to test-drive the first phone with the brand new BlackBerry® 10 operating system, we can give you a review of the long-awaited update to the BlackBerry® family, picking out our favourite features.

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Design & Build

The Z10 is a sleek, well-designed phone, albeit bearing multiple similarities to the Apple iPhone 5. It fits into the hand well, with a flat front and back and curved corners, and a similar sized display (4.2 inches compared to the 4 inch iPhone), although this does look less narrow due to the aspect ratio.

One key difference, and arguably an advantage for ‘power users’, is the removable battery, allowing them to be switched if necessary. Whilst this does mean a slightly lower-spec build than the iPhone, it does not compromise the look or feel of the Z10. The 4.2 inch display is impressive, with a high pixel per inch count (356ppi), resulting in a detailed, crisp display which is perfect for viewing photos and video.

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Operating System

The Z10 debuts the new BlackBerry® OS, a strikingly different system to iOS or Android systems which are largely app-oriented, and bears more similarity to the dynamic live tiles of Windows Phone 8. A key feature is the Hub, which unifies your email, Facebook and Twitter accounts into one central inbox. At any time, you can use the ‘Peek’ function (by making a banana curved gesture)  to check the Hub, without having to exit any other apps you may have running; an impressive display of the Z10’s multitasking ability.

BlackBerry® have always played to their strength in business-friendly functionality, and the Z10 is no exception. BlackBerry® Balance allows for separate work and personal accounts to be switched between on the same handset with one simple gesture. Such gestures are central to the new OS, particularly with no home button. The Z10 is always ready to respond; simply swipe upwards to wake the phone rather than pressing a button, and you’re ready to make use of the new features. Whilst there is some room for improvement, this OS is certainly a leap in the right direction for BlackBerry®.

Features & Performance

There are also plenty of new features to keep non-business users happy. The 8MP camera, with flash, is a vast improvement. More so is the TimeShift feature, where multiple shots are taken in a short time, and you are able to individually select parts of the photo for the final image – no more photos ruined by closed eyes or non-smiling subjects!

The virtual keyboard has received high critical acclaim – it intuitively suggests which word you’ll type next, and is highly accurate, allowing you to simply swipe the word upwards into your text or email. 70,000 BB10 apps were available at launch, and whilst some are missing, such as National Rail, it is a significant improvement. The phone itself is fast and responsive, and the browser has also been praised for its speed and ease of use.


Whilst there is always room for minor improvements, as with any new handset, overall this is a powerful handset which takes full advantage of the innovative new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The phone has a sleek design, impressive display, and remarkable multi-tasking ability, making it a great option for business users and a real step up from past BlackBerry® handsets

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Comm-Tech Voice & Data can now offer the BlackBerry Z10 on a range of tariffs. If you would like more information please call our team on 01603 218600, or leave your details below and we will be in touch.

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