Beware of high international roaming charges

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With Euro 2012 due to start at the beginning this week, thousands of die-hard England fans will soon be heading out to the Ukraine.

While even stricter measures are being brought in across the Eurozone to cap roaming charges and keep bills when abroad reasonable, Ukraine and any other countries outside the EU are not covered by this legislation. Fans are at risk of running up a £35-a-day mobile phone bill by making just two five-minute calls, listening to a two-minute voicemail and sending five text messages and one photo message, according to uSwitch.

Those with smartphones, meanwhile, could be hit with a four-digit phone bill when they return, as even a modest amount of surfing the web, streaming videos and using apps could result in a daily data bill of some £228 if they do not use free local Wi-Fi and keep their phone’s roaming switched off. Even using Ukraine’s local Wi-Fi will still set users back £6 for just 1MB of data.

If you are heading to the Ukraine, we advise you to check with your network provider so you don’t incur unexpected charges. Some networks place and automatic cap on data usage, and alert customers via Text message so that they can keep track of their data spend.

Comm-Tech Voice & Data have a number of international Data bundles available across networks, if you are heading abroad this year why not give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.