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Tablet PCs


Fed up with carrying your laptop around to different locations? A tablet could be the ideal solution. Lightweight and highly portable, tablets are perfect for showing presentations, product portfolios, and accessing the web when meeting clients, colleagues or potential business prospects away from the office. With an excellent battery life, they can provide hours of use on a single charge.

They can also be an ideal solution for on-site workers – enabling the instant generation of detailed site reports including photos and customer signatures for quick and easy administration.

The latest touchscreen tablets, such as the iPad, enable the user to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G network, giving email and web access on the move. Other tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, also have the added bonus of syncing with your phone, enabling contacts, emails, and documents to be seamlessly transferred.

Tablets also have excellent multimedia facilities so you can play your favourite music, videos, films and games, along with having the ability to take high quality video footage and photographs.

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