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Green Fleet Management


Using a GPS fleet management system could help you reduce costs, improve performance and become a ‘greener’ business. Fuel is ever increasing in cost, so monitoring fuel usage with our vehicle tracking devices puts you in greater control of your fleet expenditure.

To run most efficiently, businesses need to be smart about how they drive. Fuel can be wasted in a number of ways, such as excessive idling, speeding or taking inefficient routes to unfamiliar destinations.

  • More efficient fleet control
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced safety & security
  • Improved customer service

How can tracking help?

Tracking devices allow you to effectively manage your fleet through a simple online portal. Monitor routes and journey times, locate the closest vehicles to particular sites, and reduce insurance costs with additional security features.

Sophisticated new tracking devices can also monitor acceleration, cornering, braking and idling time, with in-cab and administrator feedback on driver behaviour. By learning how to drive in a more eco-friendly way, you can reduce fuel consumption as well as the environmental impact of your fleet.

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