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Want to boost your mobile signal at home?

Many people experience poor signal in their home, however there are solutions available to ensure that you always stay connected: Vodafone Sure Signal Vodafone Managed Sure Signal Available for commercial use (up to 160 users). For further information and pricing details, please contact your account manager. 2G/3G Signal Boosters If a Sure Signal cannot be […]

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How to stop signal fluctuation or dropped calls

Try locking your phone to 2G/3G only. Most UK phones are set to connect to 3G as a preference. If 3G is unavailable, phones will automatically utilise 2G sites (shown as EDGE or GPRS on your phone). However, active calls do not always hand over seamlessly from 3G to 2G sites, and vice versa. This […]

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Signal problems? Turn your phone off every 3-4 days

When users leave there phone turned on for days at a time, an issue which is increasingly prevalent as people become more dependent upon their mobile, their phone can sometimes stop speaking to the network effectively (it stops updating). This can then manifest as a number of different symptoms e.g. SMS being received late (including […]

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