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Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios, also known as walkie talkie radios, are ideal for efficient communication without the on-going cost of a monthly tariff.

What’s more, they are also reliable, tough devices, built to withstand harsh conditions. They are tested to specific environmental and military standards.

Two way radios are a good investment if you have lone workers spread out on a site, as is the case with many agricultural and construction companies. Many have a built-in emergency panic button for emergencies, which sends out a ‘man down’ alert to other walkie talkies within the radius.


Entel HX446 series

The HX446 series of two-way radios are tough, compact and dependable. Built to withstand the everyday rigours of tough commercial use, these radios deliver louder audio than competitors’ radios twice their size.


Entel  HT446 series (submersible)

The HT446 series provides ultimate communications performance, with the added benefit of being fully submersible. Designed to operate in the most hostile of environments, the HT446 series comes from the same family of portables as the products used by the UK Fire & Rescue services.

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