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In some locations and situations it can be difficult to find a strong signal for your devices. By generating a 3G signal from your internet connection, Sure Signal from Vodafone provides a way of making sure your home or business has the high quality coverage it requires.

Which option is right for me?

Vodafone provides different options to meet both small and large scale requirements. Look at the table below to see which solution best suits you or your company’s needs.

No. of UsersFloor Space
Sure Signal Premium320+3200m2
Sure Signal PlusUp to 320400m2 - 3200m2
Sure SignalUp to 32Up to 400m2
Sure Signal

Intended for home-workers, Sure Signal provides 3G coverage over a 400m2 area to Vodafone mobile users. Sure Signal allows up to 4 voice calls simultaneously with a 3G handset, ensuring that home-workers can work and communicate as if they were in the office.

You can register up to 32 numbers on your Vodafone Sure Signal and up to eight devices can connect at once.

How it works
Get Sure Signal as a plug-in, so it takes up less space in your home or small office. You can hide it away, and with a clever by-pass function, you won’t lose a plug socket either.

Sure Signal Premium

Intended for businesses with 320 or more employees and more than 3200m2 of floor space, the solution can scale up to support many thousands of users. It can be installed as quickly and easily as WiFi and seamlessly self-configures to provide perfect voice and data service. Vodafone’s expertise means customers will receive a robust design, delivery and installation service, leaving them with the best possible coverage and capacity setup for their unique building layout.

How it works
A service node controls a number of radio nodes positioned throughout your building. These nodes operate on 3G and are deployed via your LAN over your existing on-site ethernet

Each Radio Node is designed to:

  • Be as easy as a Wi-Fi access point to install and run on power over Ethernet
  • Support 16 concurrent calls (enough to cover up to 50 users)
  • Provide coverage up to 500m2 (depending on building specs)
  • Support handover between Radio Nodes and Vodafone network

Each Services Node is designed to:

  • Connect up to 75 Radio Nodes
  • Create an IP Sec connection between itself and the Radio Nodes
  • Take on the role as an on-site Radio Network Controller (RNC)



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