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Bespoke Solutions


As well as solutions from leading providers, at Comm-Tech we are able to use our industry experience to design bespoke converged and hosted solutions based on the specific requirements of your business.

These solutions can offer significant cost savings, enhanced flexibility and an improved business image, as well as simple administration and maintenance to take the hassle out of your business communications.

Whether you simply need a basic converged system, or if your business requires a more complex multi-site hosted solution, Comm-Tech can provide a range of options to suit you.


  • Flexible & scalable – only pay for what you need, with no hidden costs
  • Gain complete administrative control over your phone system
  • ‘One number anywhere’ – never miss a call
  • Empower flexible working
  • Lower call costs – free site-to-site calls, even internationally
  • Increased reliability and business continuity

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