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Converged & Hosted Solutions


Converged solutions, which combine your mobile and fixed line services, can be a great way to reduce your communications costs and simplify administration whilst improving the efficiency, resilience and customer service of your business.

Comm-Tech can offer a range of flexible converged solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

Never miss a call

Customers will be able to reach you the first time no matter which number they dial, with automatic call routing.

Save on your communication costs

Converged or hosted solutions can save on your mobile and landline costs, including free call forwarding services and internal calls.

Simple administration and billing

One phone number, one voicemail, one supplier and one bill – converged solutions take the hassle out of your communications.

Be local even when you're not

Converged solutions give you the ability to have different geographic local landline numbers across the UK. Improve the impact of your local advertising campaigns even if you are based miles away.

Hosted options

Comm-Tech can also offer cloud hosted on-demand converged solutions, where you only pay for what is used. At a low monthly cost these hosted solutions are secure, enable simple administration, and allow for disaster recovery to protect your business from unexpected events.

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Vodafone One Net & One Net Express

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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

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Comm-Tech Bespoke Solutions

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