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Complete Business Connectivity

Cisco 500DS


  • Easy to install
  • 15 programmable buttons simplify dialling and call transfers
  • Page Left and Page Right keys allow management of up to 30 Lines to transfer, call pick up and speed dial device
  • LCD Display
  • Two attendant consoles can be linked

The Cisco 500DS is an expansion console for any of the Cisco 500 series of IP phones which includes a digital display to manage and monitor calls coming into your business efficiently. Ideal for managers, operations assistants and receptionists.

Digital Display

The Cisco 500DS comes with a digital display and 15 button attendant which manage 30 lines within the business with the use left and right keys underneath the digital display. It is an ideal solution for small businesses wanting to simplify incoming call handling by quickly directing calls to the requested party and also to monitor line status from a central location.

Double Up

And if 30 channels is not enough for your business requirements or if your business grows you can simply bolt on an additional console that will then give you 60 channels to manage and monitor

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