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Case Study: Touchstone Electronics – Fixed Line


The Challenge

Touchstone Electronics was founded in 1980, and is one of the leading specialist system integrators in the UK, providing state of the art electronic security systems.

Working primarily within the airport environment from three main sites, it is important for Touchstone Electronics to keep in constant contact both between offices as well as with clients on-site.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a 24/7 communication capability, 365 days a year.

One of the Touchstone offices had experienced a significant period of severe telephone outages, including calls not coming through at all, as well as handsets regularly reconfiguring on the network. A substantial level of disruption and consequent frustration ensued.

The Solution

Having trusted Comm-Tech Voice & Data with managing their company mobile account for a number of years, it was the obvious step to approach us with a view to replacing the phone system.

A simple site visit reviewed the current fixed line structure to understand the issues Touchstone Electronics were experiencing. This revealed that they had been historically ill advised that a hosted phone system was the best solution for the business.

This resulted in Touchstone Electronics losing confidence not only the fixed line solution they had been sold but also with communications providers in general and the view that technology is more of a hindrance to a business than beneficial.

We drew up a FREE no obligatory communications review detailing a proposed new PBX telephone system consisting of two ISDN2 phone lines with four channels.

On approval we arranged for the lines to be routed into the building and the new phone system was completely installed with minimal disruption within one day.

The Result

The installation of the new fixed line solution instantly resolved the issues of severe telephone outages and handsets reconfiguring on the network by providing a reliable phone system, thus ensuring optimal communication capability. Comm-Tech also reduced Touchstone Electronics’ fixed line bills by offering improved call rates and rentals.

“The team at Comm-Tech picked up the challenge without delay, sorted out a solution and executed the installation with minimum disruption to our business. The sales team at Comm-Tech arranged the lines to come into the building, sourced a suitable phone system and their engineers installed the system in a neat and tidy way, with very little disruption. The new phone system was up and running on the day of installation, and we are very happy indeed with the outcome in all respects.”

person_icon_white“We have dealt with Comm-Tech for around 10 years now and enjoy a good relationship with all their staff who are knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. We would thoroughly recommend Comm-Tech for all your communication needs.”
Pamela Rimmer - Resources Manager, Touchstone Electronics
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